Friday, December 24, 2010

25 Days of Christmas - Day #24

Today was my kind of day. For those of you familiar with the five love primary language is "quality time" and I'm fairly certain that if I had to choose a second language, it would also be "quality time". :o)

This morning we literally did nothing. We drank coffee (Camden included...he prefers it black but I was sharing mine so he had to deal with a little half and half in it), we played games, we watched it rain, we prepped a baked strawberry french toast dish to have tomorrow morning for breakfast...but mostly we just enjoyed being together without a "to do" list in sight. Yes, we still ran a load of laundry and lugged out the suitcases to pack for our trip to NC tomorrow, but mostly we just enjoyed being in our jammies all (as Camden put it) nice and comfy and laughed the morning away.

This morning was not without it's "toddler moments" but it also held the moment when Camden just snuggled up next to me on the sofa and out of the blue said, "mom, you're the best mom". It's moments like these when I am reminded that all of the dinner prepping, potty training, laundry folding, discipline giving, manners teaching, etc, etc, is totally worth it. Being a parent is the most physically, mentally, and emotionally draining thing I have ever done in my life...but it's also the most rewarding thing as well. I have more than an occasional moment when I love my kids but I don't like them very much...but today was not one of those days (well, except during the Christmas Eve service when Camden must have thought I was a jungle gym because he climbed all over me the entire service!).

Tonight after the Christmas Eve service we had a birthday party for Jesus. We've been talking for weeks about how Christmas is the celebration of Jesus' birthday and a couple of days ago Camden asked what kind of cake we were having. I'd never really thought about having an actual party, but it seemed like a great idea so we went with it.

We had a yellow cake with milk chocolate frosting (my favorite) but, according to Camden, it wasn't really a birthday cake without sprinkles so we had those too. After singing happy birthday to Jesus, Camden blew out the candle and we each enjoyed a slice (okay, two slices) of cake. (Camden even made sure that Jesus was part of the action...see his Little People Nativity Jesus hanging out next to the cake?) :o)

I then read the Christmas story from Camden's toddler Bible and we talked specifically about the significance of the gifts that the wise men brought - you should hear Camden pronounce frankincense! We are really trying to make it a point to explain that the gifts we open are to celebrate Jesus' birthday - that He loves us so much that He wants us to have the gifts instead of Him and that we can be reminded of His love toward us every time we look at the gift we received.

Back in 2001 when Ryan and I celebrated our first "married" Christmas we started the tradition of giving each other an ornament every year. We expanded that tradition to Camden in 2008 and to Alison this year. So tonight at Jesus' birthday party, we each opened our ornament for this year.

We really enjoyed having a party and I'm thinking this may become a tradition in our house. We're busy now packing the last few items in our suitcases during commercial breaks of our favorite Christmas movies. We hope that each one of you has a very Merry Christmas and we pray God's blessings on you in the year ahead!!!

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