Thursday, December 23, 2010

25 Days of Christmas - Day #23

Today we finished up a last few tasks before Ryan has the day off tomorrow and we spend the whole day in our jammies just enjoying being together.

This morning we completed our task of choosing some toys to give to other boys and girls that don't have any or many toys. At first Camden seemed to finally grasp the concept, but after his first two choices of things to give away were Alison's toys, we had to back up and talk about it a little more. He finally caught on and we ended up with a brown paper grocery sack packed full of toys to give away.

Later in the day we delivered some homemade goodies to our neighbors and a few of our friends. We then enjoyed donning our Santa hats and walking around the neighborhood to deliver our reindeer cookies...
Tonight we picked up Ryan from work and drove over to Highland Park to look at all the Christmas Lights. Impressive...both the houses and the lights.

We're getting very excited about Christmas...and of course, the airplane ride on Saturday to see Oma, Papa, Granna, all the Aunts and Uncles and the ever growing list of cousins!

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