Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Home Sweet Home

(Get the tune to Green Acres in your head...)

"Dallas, Texas is the place to be....Apartment living is the life for me..."

We started all the paperwork to get ourselves a house...and more importantly, a double vanity...but the inspection came back a little less than wonderful - think Tom Hanks in The Money Pit. Okay, it wasn't that bad - and we probably could have done all of the updates and fixes it needed and still come out ahead in a few years when it's time to move on - but with a four month old now and plans to have another one within a couple of years, we just didn't think it was the right time to take on a "project" house.

So we're back to hauling everything up and down the stairs in our townhouse for now. Which is fine...although Millie would argue that's since she's still without a backyard it is not fine...but she'll live and so will we.

We are getting more familiar with our new town and I am getting involved in more and more things with Camden. Granna Jane is coming for a visit the middle of August and we have lots of trips planned for between now and the end of the year (home in early September, Boston at the end of that month, home again in October, Omaha in November and home again for the holidays in December) so we should have plenty to do to keep us busy. I don't know if I should call myself a "stay at home mom" if I don't actually stay at home very often. =)

We just wanted to let you know that our address won't be changing again anytime soon. We miss you all and hope that we'll be able to see you during one of our many upcoming trips!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Long Awaited Pictures and More...

Several of you have asked for's a link to a Picasa Album that has some photos from our trip home to NC earlier this summer and some miscellaneous shots from around Dallas.

Click here for pictures - then just click on "slideshow" to see all of the pictures with their captions.

In other news for the Foster's, we've made and had accepted an offer on a house and now we're just waiting on the inspection, the paperwork, and the closing date.

We hadn't really planned to move again so soon, but we found an area that we love (great schools, great location, etc.) and a great house at a great price so we couldn't pass it up. After being in a house with a yard for nearly two years, I really missed having that space for Millie and the stairs involved with this townhouse were just about to kill me. There have been several days where I wore my arms out at Jazzersice - totally forgetting that I had to carry Camden upstairs when I got home. Twice I even had to take him out of his carrier because I just couldn't carry them both at the same time. So forget all that stuff I said about the great price, location, etc...we're buying a house because I have no upper body strength. =)

Ryan's just plugging away at his job. His Texas license came at the end of last week so his work load just grew exponentially but he's loving every part of it so far so we can't complain.

Camden and I have been keeping busy with Jazzercise, house hunting, and a little shopping here and there. Other than that, we just kinda hang out and make googly eyes at each other. I make sure I do all the things you're "supposed" to do - give him tummy time, interact with him, etc. I try reading to him but he's far more interested in how the books taste than what the stories are about.

Other than that, there's not a lot going on. Just check back later and I'm sure we'll have updates on the house stuff.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Welcome to the Big D

We have arrived. After a month of my mom and dad dragging me all over the southeast, I finally get to sleep in my own bed again. I am sure you've all read the last post my mom did, so I won't bore you with the details of how we got from Omaha to Dallas via North, my parents aren't geographically challenged although you would think so looking at the TripTik they had printed.

I will update you instead on how things are going now...

I got to see my first Fourth of July fireworks this past Friday night. Mom spent most of the day trying to get me to say "Independence Day" - what an over-achiever...I am still working on getting my hand in my mouth on a regular basis..."Independence Day" is still a long way off...

I enjoyed the fireworks. I think the parental units were a little concerned about the noise...but I quickly eased their fears when I fell asleep 5 minutes into the 15 minute show. I woke up again during the finale but slept peacefully while we sat in traffic and then all the way home.

Saturday we spent most of the day driving around town looking at houses my parents have found on the Internet. I slept through most of that too. You'd think they would just like to be settled in one place for a while, but I think the lack of space in the apartment and the fact that my "big sister" Millie has no yard is pushing them to start the house hunt right away.

Today we started the hunt for a new church. This one I chose not to sleep least not all of it. Mom and I spent about half the sermon outside in the foyer while I "decided" if I was going to sleep or not but Dad got to hear the whole thing and they both liked it. I really liked the music...granted, it wasn't as good as it was with my future father-in-law Rob, but it'll do. =)

After eating lunch today with Aunt "Doody" (Judy) and Uncle Tim, we drove around and looked at a few more houses (again...sleepy time for me) and then we spent the rest of the day just enjoying being home together.

I think I am going to like being a "Texan" - Dad says I am a Husker and Mom says I'm a North Carolinian by proxy, but take one look at that picture and I'll just end with a "yee haw" and you can decide...

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Wheels on the Xterra Go Round and Round

This is our take on the classic "wheels on the bus" tune...

We "officially" left Omaha on June 7th and headed to Dallas. After a 10 hour 2-day drive stopping overnight in Oklahoma City, we arrived in Dallas on the 8th. The movers were here with our stuff that same day and we started the process of unpacking.

We didn't get very far though, because on June 10th, we loaded up again for an 18 hour 2-day drive to North Carolina. We were able to spend the night with our dear friends Ben and Charrisa in Meridian, Mississippi along the way (thanks again for letting us crash at your place!). Once we got to NC, Ryan, Camden, Millie and I spent the rest of the week together bouncing back and forth between visiting Ryan's mom and my parents. Ryan flew back to Omaha for a couple more weeks of work on Father's Day...

Camden, Millie and I hung around in North Carolina and continued to bounce back and forth from my family to his. I was able to spend some time with my siblings, my grandmothers, my great aunts, my Uncle Wayne and Aunt Betty, and also so see Ryan's Mamaw and his aunt Bonnie. Of course, none of these people wanted to see me, they were mostly interested in meeting Camden.

Speaking of the little guy...he's not so little anymore. In the time that we were home, he outgrew his diapers and all the clothes that I had taken home with us. And being the frugal gal that I am and knowing that he had a ton of clothes in his dresser back in Dallas, I just kept sticking all those arms and legs into those clothes for a few more days. =) I'll post a pic of him in his current state of largeness when I get a chance to get them off the camera.

Camden, Millie, my mom, my sister and I left North Carolina on Friday the 27th (this time doing the trip in 3 days - thanks to JoAnn and Ben in Hartwell, GA and Ben and Charrisa again for letting us stay with you on the way) and arrived back in Dallas on the 29th. Ryan finished up in Omaha and headed down on the 28th - doing the 10 hours from there to here in one's a lot easier to do when you don't have to stop for feedings and diaper changes. =)

We're still unpacking boxes and getting settled in our apartment. Ryan started work today at UT Southwestern and Camden and I walked around the lake, took a nap, unpacked more stuff, and ran some errands. We're still working on finding our way around out here and we'll probably start looking for a home later this month.

We'll keep you all posted on the house hunting progress and how things are going with our new jobs - Ryan's at the Med Center and mine with Camden. Most importantly - because this is really the only reason you check this site - we'll update you with Little Man and we'll post some pictures soon.