Monday, June 29, 2009

The Last Few Days...

We've been doing our best to survive the 100+ temps we've been having in Dallas the last few days. Yeah, right - you'd think we'd at least have enough sense to stay indoors where it's air conditioned. But no...Camden and I spent all day Friday at the zoo, then Ryan and I worked in the yard almost all day Saturday and then we had a church picnic Sunday late afternoon. At least the higher-ups at church did have enough sense to move the picnic from the park back to the church where we could at least have the option to be indoors if we wanted. It's supposed to cool off with this "cold front" passing's only supposed to be 98 today...what a relief! :o)

I just wanted to share a couple of videos we've taken over the past week or so. There's nothing spectacular like first steps or anything...but Camden's a total ham and keeps us cracking up non-stop (I've been told he gets that from me...) and I wanted to share a few funny moments from the last few days. Enjoy!!!

The first one comes courtesy of Ryan's mom. She mailed Ryan a gift for Father's Day and Camden found the packing peanuts to be much more exciting than the actual gift. We agree with the YouTube video of the kid cracking up when his dad rips the paper...why buy expensive toys?

The second is Camden's assessment of his trip to the zoo. Here are a couple of still shots of Camden checking out the animals and then doing his impression of a'll understand the lizard thing a little better when you watch the video...

In this video, we're at home and Camden's reading one of his favorite books. It's the touch and feel Baby Animals book he got for Christmas from Great Uncle Wayne and Great Aunt Betty. He loves the gorilla on the last page - he thinks it's a hilarious animal. While we were at the zoo we saw all kinds of animals, but Camden seemed to be most intrigued by the lizards and quickly learned to do his impression of one...

The last video was taken just before bedtime when Camden discovered that his mommy has ears too. He's been pointing out his own eyes, ears, mouth, etc...but would never point at mine or Ryan's when we asked him about ours. The other night we tried again and he finally "found mommy's ears" - perhaps he thought I didn't have any since I seem to not hear him when he's whining. :o)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Thursday, June 18, 2009 last

I know I am getting close to being a month overdue on posting about our Hawaii trip...but it's taken about that long for us to recover from it so cut me some slack. :o) You'd think being gone on our first actual vacation...a trip that doesn't involve Ryan attending conference sessions or the pinball movements that come with a trip to North Carolina...we'd come back rested and ready to tackle everything on our "to do" lists. But the trip seemed to have the opposite effect for me. I came back so laid back and relaxed that I just haven't yet been able to get back into the groove of everyday life. Now that things are starting to get back on track, I am finally posting the pictures from our trip...another thing on my to do list can officially be checked off.

We had a wonderful time - it was great to get away from the normalcy of everyday life and to reconnect with each remember what life was like back in the B.C. (before Camden). It only took me about two days into the trip to stop telling the hostess "two and a highchair" when we went out for a meal. I did almost cut Ryan's food up for him once...but I caught myself just in time. :o)

We had such a great time that we're already planning our next trip. And I promise the pictures from that one will not be a month old before they're posted.

Click here to view our photos!