Thursday, March 25, 2010

Just a few cute pictures...

Ryan's mom was in town this past weekend for a "pre-Alison" visit with Camden. Since she's soooo much better about taking pictures than I am, I swiped these from her camera to share with you...

Camden in his new Nemo suit - a handmedown from a friend - he would leave it on 24/7 if I would let him.

A booty shot of Nemo...

Camden in his kitchen - 
a future Food Network star in the making

Granna and Camden in what will hopefully be our last snow of the season!

The next posting may be to announce Alison...we're two weeks from the due date. Keep us in your prayers and we'll keep you posted!!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Clickity-clack, Clickity-clack...

Away went the engine without looking back...and we were on it!!!

Yesterday, our child learned that we are the coolest parents...ever. In fact, he told us about a hundred times using that very word - "cool". It was intermixed with another 100 uses of the word "awesome" - so all in all, we felt pretty good about our decision to take him to ride Thomas the Tank Engine for his birthday rather than getting him another toy (which he needs like he needs a hole in his head...seriously, we're running out of room to peacefully exist in our house b/c half of it looks like a Toys R Us and the other half looks like a Babies R Us!).

We started off the morning in the giant inflatable Thomas bounce house and it just got better from there. From everything to playing with the wooden train sets in the Imagination Station Tent to meeting and getting his picture made with Sir Topham Hatt to actually riding on the train, the morning was just full of one giant smile after another. It certainly made the day even more special for him to share this adventure with his friend, Amanda with whom he does just about everything. Her mom, Kristina, and I think it'll be absolutely adorable to have all of these pictures for their "wedding slide show" about 30 years from now. :o)

After the train ride we came back to the house for a cookout with some friends and a Thomas the Tank birthday cake to round out the day's festivities. He loved being sung "Happy Birthday" to by all of our guests...and even waited for us to sing to him again when he had another slice of leftover cake at dinner that night. Here are a few pictures from the day and a link to the Picasa Album with all of them. Enjoy!!!

Our little engineer playing at the Thomas Table

Camden and Amanda enjoying a snack together before the train ride.
Camden and Ryan just after the train ride!
Happy (early) 2nd Birthday, Camden!!!

Click here to view the entire album.